Logic, Combinatorics, and
Their Interactions

This is a special session taking place at the AMS Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting at Georgia Tech in Atlanta on March 18–19, 2023.

Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of interactions between combinatorics and mathematical logic. Some examples of such interactions are: the theory of descriptive combinatorics for Borel graphs, model-theoretic extremal combinatorics, topological and dynamical aspects of Ramsey theory, applications of set-theoretic methods such as forcing in combinatorics, interplay between model theory and combinatorial number theory, the study of proof-theoretic aspects of combinatorial results, etc. The aim of this special session is to bring researchers working in these areas together, including those whose primary background is in logic and those with a background in discrete mathematics. This will help reinforce the connections between combinatorics and logic, provide a forum for exchange of ideas, and hopefully lead to new collaborations and research directions.



You can find the schedule of the talks here. All talks will be in room 123 Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons.

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